MINDFUL PACKAGING: why we choose to package our products the way we do

Have you ever wondered why Botanic Organic bottles are amber colored, and why almost all of our products contain closures that are either pumps, sprays or disc caps? Let me start by saying that we understand how it it can be a lovely sensory experience to open a jar of cream, dip your fingers into it and retrieve exactly the amount of product that you wish to use. It can also be very gratifying to scrape out every tiny, last bit of cream from the container.

You might then ask why we use bottles with serum pumps, sprayers and disc caps rather than open screw cap jars. The answer certainly is not because they're easier for us to fill! It also isn't because we can't live without the look of our round, amber bottles - although we certainly don’t mind this look. And it's most definitely not because pumps and sprayers are less expensive to buy, or because they never have any issues with dispensing product, (more about this problem later). 

The answer is — because these containers and closures provide the very best physical protection for the organic, cold pressed, raw oil and butter ingredients that go into our formulas. With proper protection from photo-oxidation (light damage), and by creating small and fresh batches of product that aren't stored in warehouses for indefinite periods of time, we are able to safely use lower levels of preservatives that are derived from ingredients granted GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and accepted by ECOCERT as preservatives to be used in certified organic cosmetics. Not to mention that our oil-only based formulas can remain preservative-free by using only the antioxidants vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract to slow oxidation.

But why would you want to protect your precious skincare products from light damage? Because photo-oxidation over time will lead to discoloration, change of smell, and a break-down of the healthy chemical compounds found in the more fragile but nutrient rich ingredients used in our products.

Okay, now that you understand why we use amber containers, why don't we use open jars that make it easier for our clients to use? Many of the big cosmetic companies use these open jars, so why the heck shouldn’t they work for Botanic Organic? Well, just think about it for a minute. Every time you open a jar of your favorite skincare product, what happens? Even if you don’t stick your fingers into the jar, you’re allowing the open air to start mixing with your product. Light damage, oxidation, dust particles floating around in the air will work their magic with each jar opening.

Then we introduce our fingers into the jars and, with each dip, you introduce bacteria. If your cream contains high percentages of heavy duty preservatives, it may keep the bacteria count in check. At Botanic Organic we take the approach that we’d rather use less and gentler preservatives and containers that offer better physical barriers to keep our ingredients free from contamination. Those sometimes pesky serum pumps, sprayers and disc tops help to keep your products fresh and contaminant free, which makes them more than worth the extra expense and hassle.

Now, about the hassle factor - pumps and sprayers are great until they get clogged and then they’re just plain frustrating. No matter which pump manufacturer we’ve tried, we still have issues with clogged pumps so here’s how to fix the problem.

Remove the pump from your bottle, pour some rubbing alcohol or vodka into a small glass and set it into your kitchen sink. Place the pump into the alcohol and start expressing the alcohol through the pump until the clog dissolves or clears. If your pump is super clogged, you may have to start this process with very hot water and then follow with the alcohol to kill any bacteria before replacing it back into the bottle.  

Once you've replaced your pump back into the bottle, give the contents of the bottle a little stir using the pump and straw. Once closed tightly, give the bottle a good shake. The problem should be solved. From time to time, give your bottle contents a shake and you may stop the problem from happening in the future. If for any reason your pump appears to be broken, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll replace it for you.

Here is one last bit of advice to help frugal-minded consumers retrieve those last bits of product from containers with pumps. Try storing the containers upside down, then shake out the the last bit of lotion that has accumulated in the cap. 

Nancy Newsom
Nancy Newsom


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