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We've had a number of great reviews of our products lately, and a very nice bio on Nancy Newsom, our founder, written for The Expat Woman. The Expat Woman is a San Francisco based online resource that helps creative, career-driven expat woman navigate and enjoy their lives in the US.

Our latest review, Skincare Good Enough to Eat!, is by Natasha Uspensky at The Organic Beauty. Natasha is a New York based holistic nutrition counselor that focuses on healthy eating and living habits. Natasha writes, "I've been using [Botanic Organic's] line of all natural, unrefined products for a few months now, and I have to say, I'm obsessed.  Best of all, the whole line is totally affordable, so you don't have to pay and arm and a leg for high quality, natural products!"

"I am all about using oils to wash my face ... and I have been LOVING the Botanic Organic Tangerine & Lemon Facial Cleansing Oil for my nightly cleansing. With jojoba oil and castor oil to unclog pores and clear up skin, apricot kernel and sunflower oils to soften and hydrate, and citrus oils to energize and exfoliate, my face is one happy camper."

"I've also been super into their double cleansing method, which follows the facial cleansing oil with Honey & Licorice Root Cleansing Grains for even deeper cleaning at night.  This fine powder is gently exfoliating, healing, and deep cleansing, with the added benefit of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging coconut, honey, and licorice.  I swear, my skin smells too yummy after cleansing that I literally want to lick it!"

Natasha writes about our mists, saying "these delicately scented beauties pack a powerful protective punch!" She loves all our scents, writing "as with all Botanic Organic products, it smells heavenly, and is literally good enough to eat" and "my skin looks amazing, my bathroom smells like a spa."

We're pleased that our popular Pomegranate & Argan Antioxidant Oil Serum didn't escape her attention, calling it "one powerful little serum." There's a lot more to absorb in her review, so please do go check out her complete review.

Another recent review was written by Roxanne Holland, a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle publicist who owns and operates Quintl. Roxanne wrote Botanic Organic Beauty Review for the popular site Viva Fifty. Roxanne has been exposed to literally hundreds of skincare products over the years and says "I can honestly say that Botanic Organic is by far one of the best lines I've tested." We were delighted to find Roxanne was true to her words, as she is now one of our customers!

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James Pravetz
James Pravetz


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