Why Use a Hydrating Mist?

Many people seem slightly confused about the value of using a toner or hydrating mist in their skin care regime. Contrary to popular belief, toners do not make your pores smaller, because your pores do not open and close. Hydrating mists can however, deliver beneficial ingredients to your skin and help to balance its pH which may have been disrupted after cleansing. Your skin normally has a slight level of acidity which acts as a barrier to keep out bacteria. This is why it’s best to avoid alkaline, soap based cleansers that will upset the pH balance of the skin and cause possible irritation.

The best hydrating mists are made from hydrosols. These hydrosols, also known as plant distillates, are by-products from steam distilling plant matter to make essential oils. They can deliver microscopic particles of beneficial plant material suspended in water to the skin. Applied regularly, these tiny particles behave like homeopathic medicines, helping the skin to stay balanced. They are extremely gentle and safe even for babies and those with sensitive skin and are an excellent ingredient to hydrate, balance the pH of the skin and to remove any traces of dirt left after cleansing.

Botanic Organic hydrating mists contain approximately 75% certified organic hydrosols that are small batch distilled. We combine these skin beneficial plant distillates with soothing aloe vera, moisture attracting glycerin, and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory rich plant extracts to create a mist that works to hydrate, balance and repair your complexion.


Cucumber & Calendula Nutrient Mist is a reparative and hydrating mist for all skin types. Cucumber cools and firms while  calendula, chamomile, witch hazel and aloe provide regenerating, soothing and anti-inflammatory actions to diminish redness caused by inflamed or irritated skin.

Rosemary & Geranium Hydrating Mist combines artisan distilled, precious floral waters of rose geranium, rosemary and witch hazel to restore pH balance and promote cell repair. Refresh and tone skin tissue while increasing vitality and hydration.

Chamomile & Lavender Cleansing Spray is a quick, gentle and non-drying facial cleanser perfect for at home or on the go. Plant distillates and aloe vera cleanse, balance pH, calm inflammation and help to repair damaged or fragile skin. Doubles as a fabulous hydrating mist to refresh and add moisture throughout the day.
Nancy Newsom
Nancy Newsom


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