Introducing Two New Bath Soaks to Match Our Fabulous Body Oils

If you love our body oils, we think you're going to love these too . . . 

Introducing two new body care products to the Botanic Organic line - Lemon Verbena & Frankincense Bath Soak AND Neroli Blossom & Blood Orange Bath Soak. We've created two luxurious bath soaks to pair with your favorite body oils.  For those of you who still enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub from time to time, transform that experience into something very special with our pink Himalayan salt and coconut milk soaks imbued with the essential oil blends that you've come to love in our body oils. 

Our bath soaks are made from a blend of course and fine, beautiful Himalayan salt from the Punjab region of Pakistan. These detoxifying salts are pinkish in color and known as "crystal salt" due to its unique formation. Crystal salt forms over millions of years under the influence of extreme tectonic pressure far from pollution and toxins. Himalayan salt contains many elements that naturally occur in our bodies, and are easily absorbed and utilized by our cells when added to warm water in a bath. This salt is naturally rich in nutrients and minerals, and each perfectly formed crystal contains crucial minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.

To create an ultimately silky, soft bath experience, we've blended full fat, organic coconut milk powder to our bath soak to moisturize your skin without leaving an oily residue in your bath. Coconut milk's rich, emollient consistency with it's vitamin E content helps to soften skin while reducing flaking and dryness. Copper and zinc content in the milk help to keep skin flexible and elastic.
Choose from Lemon Verbena & Frankincense Bath Soak with our warm and uplifting verbena and frankincense essential oil blend to promote a deep sense of calm and relaxation - or - Neroli Blossom & Blood Orange Bath Soak with its tantalizing blend of neroli blossom, blood orange and fresh ginger essential oils to lift and soothe your spirits. Melt away the day's stresses by creating an at-home spa experience. 

Nancy Newsom
Nancy Newsom


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