Borage Seed Oil in Natural Skin Care

Borage Seed Oil is a carrier oil, rich in essential fatty acids and one of the highest GLA sources known. GLA stimulates cell activity, assisting in the regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin. This is a great oil for maintaining healthy skin, and is good for prematurely aged skin to promote cell regeneration of skin damaged by exposure to sunlight.

The linoleic acid in borage seed oil helps restore skin's barrier function and acts as an anti-inflammatory that can soothe dry skin and itchiness. Topical application of oils containing linoleic acids can aid with acne problems by helping sebum to become more liquid thus helping clear the sebum more easily from the follicles which in turn reduces inflammation inside the follicle.

The main polyphenolic compound found in borage seed oil is ferulic acid which is a very effective anti-oxidant that can prevent skin aging, reduce age spots and help with light and radiation induced damage.

All in all, a great skincare ingredient for almost every skin type!

Products containing Borage Seed Oil