Plant Distillates in Natural Skin Care

At Botanic Organic we use organic or wild-crafted plant distillates to create our hydrating mists and cleansing sprays. We also use them in the aqueous portion of our moisturizer formulas. Plant distillates are also known as hydrosols and are created by steam distilling plant materials. Hydrosols have similar properties to essential oils but in far less concentration. Plant material is steamed with water in a large copper alembic still. The steam fills the pot and as it rises, causes the glands of the plants to burst and release the oils and essence of the plant into the steam. The oil rises through a condenser and collects in a separate vessel. This is what we know as essential oil. The fragrant water that was steamed with the original plant material is known as a hydrosol or plant distillate. Hydrosols are sometimes the by-product result of essential oil production, but the highest quality hydrosols come from the devoted distillers who, with artist like precision, steam the floral and plant material strictly to produce a hydrosol.

Clinically, the chemical components in the hydrosol are primarily acids, which are hydrophilic (water-loving). As such they acidify the water and happily, bacteria do not live well in acidic environments. This is why acidic liquids such as vinegar make good preservatives for some food items. Acidic environments are astringent and so the hydrosols are useful in skin care products to constrict and contract the tissues. Additionally, their slight acidic nature helps to restore the acid mantle of the skin. With a pH between 5-6, they are perfect for use in facial mists or as part of a lotion or cream.

Certain plant distillates are particularly well suited to topical use on skin. We have carefully chosen the most therapeutic of these plants to incorporate into our formulas. Read more about each individual distillate below:

Calendula Distillate has anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, and astringent properties. Calendula is a well-known and loved herb for these therapeutic properties and in its distillate form, it acts as an all-round skin tonic. It is beneficial for many skin disorders including rashes, epidermal healing, scratches, abrasions, sunburn and scars. The aroma of our Calendula hydrosol is refreshing, soothing and mildly floral. Read more about Calendula.

Roman Chamomile Distillate is a wonderful ingredient for calming rashes, sensitivities, rosacea, acne, heat rash, and redness. It is anti-inflammatory and a good anti-oxidant, anti-irritant, and wound healer. It may also ameliorate the look of UV damaged skin and reduce stinging and irritation. It has an extremely sweet, honey like aroma and is an excellent choice for baby care. Because of its calming effect on the nervous system, chamomile is a useful aid in stress reduction, depression, relaxation and insomnia. Read more about roman chamomile distillate

Cucumber Distillate has many benefits for all skin types. Its cooling, soothing, moisture binding, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects all work to promote a moist, radiant complexion. The presence of silica (a trace mineral) in cucumbers, helps to strengthen the collagen and elastin which are the connective tissue layers of the skin. It also promotes elasticity and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Neroli Blossom Distillate has one of the most desirable and natural aromas used in handmade and natural skin care products. It is distilled from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree and smells the way orange blossoms should, mild and sweet. Aromatherapists use neroli to promote feelings of happiness, and relieve depression and anxiety. In skin care, neroli can act as a gentle, but effective astringent, helping to balance both hair and skin. Its anti-bacterial properties lend it to be a good choice for acne prone skin.

Rose Flower Distillate is the pure water based solution that is created when rose petals are steam distilled releasing volatile therapeutic components into the water. Rose Water is used for its calming, soothing. toning and astringent properties.

Rosemary Leaf Distillate is a pure, water-based solution created when essential oils are steam distilled. This soothing, balancing water has a slightly acidic pH, which makes it a sebum regulator with shine-control benefits for oily skin. Rosemary distillate works on the middle layers of skin, calming irritations, bumps, acne and roughness from the inside out. It clarifies and brightens all complexions. Read More»

Witch Hazel Distillate has an incredible profile for skincare. It has powerful astringent, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which can help treat acne or issues that create redness. It promotes good circulation and helps repair and regenerate skin tissues. Read More»

The products below are our products with the highest plant distillate content with between 76% and 80% plant distillate content.

Products containing Plant Distillates