Pomegranate Seed Oil in Natural Skin Care

Pomegranate Seed Oil is beneficial to nearly all skin types. It has been found to nourish and moisturize the skin, improving elasticity, reducing wrinkles and preventing aging. It has also been shown to help sunburned and ultraviolet damaged skin. Evidence suggests that its calming and healing properties may aid treatment of numerous skin problems, including dry, irritated sensitive skin, and perhaps even eczema and psoriasis.

Pomegranate seed oil is rich in a number of interesting and beneficial fatty acids. Punicic acid, an omega 5 conjugated fatty acid has been found effective in aiding cell regeneration and proliferation. It offers anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It helps with sunburned and chapped skin and improves skin's elasticity.

The polyphenols found in pomegranate seed oil are fabulous for skin. It includes gallic acid which is being studied as a burn and wound healer. A recent study found that another polyphenol found in pomegranate seed oil - ellagic acid, reduced the destruction of collagen and the inflammatory response, both of which are partially responsible for aging skin. It also shows promise in helping regenerate skin cells and helping to thicken skin. The conclusions from this study  demonstrate that ellagic acid works to prevent wrinkle formation and photo-aging caused by UV destruction of collagen and inflammatory response.

Additionally, pomegranate oil contains a lot of phytosterols. It's mostly found as sitosterol and stigmasterol, both of which behave like cortisone, reducing redness and inflammation and helping soothe itchy skin.

All in all, we consider pomegranate seed oil to be an amazing addition to some of our formulas!

Products containing Pomegranate Seed Oil