Nova Superstar: Nancy Newsom of Botanic Organic

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We love catching up with our students, and recently someone who has spent a lot of time at the studio (not only taking classes, but also TAing and attending events) touched base with us. We just had to introduce her to you! Here’s everything you need to know about Nova Superstar Nancy & her company, Botanic Organic:

Who are you and what do you do?


“Nancy Newsom is founder and chief alchemist for Botanic Organic, a holistic line of facial care crafted with unrefined, whole, plant-based ingredients that help to restore skin to optimal glowing health. Nancy developed her line using traditional herbal remedies and plant-based oils and extracts to provide healthier, effective and less toxic options for our bodies but also to lessen the negative impact that personal care products have on our wider environment.”

What classes/Class Handouts have you taken at The Nova Studio?


“I am so grateful that The Nova Studio existed in my neck of the woods! It’s unlikely that I ever would have set down this unexpected path had it not been for these inspiring and and informative classes. Where else does one learn the fundamentals of creating lotions, balms, hydrosols and extracts? I had already begun making some simple skincare products before discovering the Nova Studio, but working with Alice Duvernell really widened my knowledge and expertise and set me squarely on the path to developing my own line once I had the fundamentals in place.”

What’s next for you?


“Life is very full these days as I continue to grow my business.  I have in the past year taken classes with Lela Barker from Lucky Break Consulting (one of Nova Studio’s guest instructors) on Good Manufacturing Practices (fantastically important class to take for anyone in this business) and most recently I’ve completed her course in Secrets to Wholesale Success. Both courses have been invaluable to me as a maker and business woman. Creating your own business is like solving a never ending puzzle as you put the pieces together to create a viable business. I’m so grateful to The Nova Studio for setting me on this path five years ago and I look forward to watching and participating in the evolution of Botanic Organic.”

Nancy’s products are beautiful – I hope you’ll take time to browse them on the website, like Botanic Organic on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, look through her beautiful photos on Instagram, or add her to your circle on Google Plus.


Which of her products is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!