Ready, Set, Go! – Daytime Essentials

  • Begin your day with pure, natural botanicals to nourish and protect your skin. Formulated to create and maintain a balanced environment for vibrant skin that feels healthy, energized and ready to face the day! Ideal for all skin types, A four-step regimen for glowing skin and a peaceful mind.

    Each set comes packaged in an eco-friendly, bio-degradable hemp and recycled vinyl (PEVA), reusable cosmetic bag.

    • Lavender & Chamomile Cleansing Spray (2 fl oz), is a quick, gentle and non-drying facial cleanser perfect for at home or on the go. Plant distillates and aloe vera cleanse, balance pH, calm inflammation and help to repair damaged or fragile skin. Doubles as a fabulous hydrating mist to refresh and add moisture throughout the day.
    • Nourish, repair and brighten your complexion with preservative-free Honey & Licorice Root Daily Cleansing Grains (1.33 oz). This unique cleanser is designed to work without stripping or drying and is integral to creating overall balance for your skin. Use on its own, or as the perfect second "purifying" step when practicing the double-cleanse method. Either way, these cleansing grains will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft, moisturized and protected.
    • Hydrate with Cucumber & Calendula Nutrient Mist (2 fl oz), a protective and calming spray safe for every skin type but particularly recommended for irritated, inflamed skin and skin prone to redness. Can be used by all members of the family including teens with troubled skin and for men as a soothing aftershave.
    • Nourish and Protect with Raspberry & Green Tea Daily Defense Moisturizer (2 fl oz) a lightweight moisturizer that combines the benefits of antioxidant rich green tea extract with safe, skin-loving, earth-friendly, non-nano particle zinc oxide. Leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and ready to face the elements.
  • I need a lifetime subscription option.

    --Brian - Oakland, CA

    I love Botanic Organic! It is so fresh that when I put it on my face I feel good right away knowing that they use only the freshest and most natural ingredients. My favorite product (during day & night) is the Cucumber & Calendula Nutrient Mist. After showering, I 'mist' my face and then apply the Pomegranate & Argan Serum. I don't really feel like I need anything else however, with all the California sunshine here, I like to complete my daytime ritual with the Raspberry & Green Tea Daily Defense Moisturizer so that my face and neck are protected from all the intense sunshine. I love the Daily Defense! This is the first sunblock I've used that doesn't irritate my eyes! All other sunscreens irritate my eyes, making them red and watery.

    — Pauline, Los Altos, CA

    I love to water ski, snow ski, bicycle and garden, hence I need an effective moisturizing sun screen. I’ve been using the Daily Defense for a while now and I love how it moisturizes my skin while giving protection from UV rays. It’s very light on the skin and it doesn’t feel like a plastic wrap has been applied to my face. I don’t get sun burned and my skin doesn’t peel or get scaly. I especially love that it doesn’t have harmful ingredients. Thanks for making it!

    — Pat, San Jose, CA

    I ADORE this lotion! A must-try moisturizer with so many purposes. It literally feels like velvet on your skin. It has a brownish tint so it acts like a mild tinted-moisturizer, and was a surprise makeup primer that kept my face and makeup looking smooth all day. A real gem, this product is one you don’t want your face to age without.

    --Angie, Whipped Green Girl, Ottawa, Ontario

    I love the products. My skin looks and feels great, and I'm much less prone to getting pimples now. Love it! I use these products (Cucumber & Calendula Nutrient Mist; Honey & Licorice Root Cleansing Grains) every day and don't feel like I'm using them sparingly. Thrilled that they've lasted so long.

    — Horst, Santa Clara, CA

    The Chamomile and Lavender Facial Cleansing Spray has become my little savior in a bottle! Between traveling and enduring the hottest ever summer in Southern California, this spray has been put to the test. During the day, I use it as a light mist to calm and refresh. When getting ready for bed, I use it after cleansing my skin by spraying a small amount on a cotton square and gently patting over my face and neck. It can also be used alone, as a cleanser, but I preferred to use it as a follow up to the grains.

    — Roxanne, Los Angeles, CA

    I love the Cucumber Hydrating Mist which I use after washing my face before putting on my day cream. I use the mist to set my makeup and I just love the fragrance. I also keep a small bottle of it at my desk for a quick pick me up during the day. Sometimes, if my skin feels a bit dry in the morning, I like to use a pump of the night cream with a spray or two of the Hydrating Mist which makes a perfect day cream for me.

    — Teri, Sunnyvale, CA

    For licorice fans, this would be a winner- the smells comes through right away. The powders used are super fine, making this cleanser really smooth and gentle on skin (no grainy, scratchy feeling). I had fun with this cleanser adding in fresh honey and carrier oils when I used it; definitely recommend honey, felt amazing. Did this routine once a week, my face was singing from it.

    — Angie, Whipped Green Girl, Ottawa, Ontario

    My mom and aunt were amazed by the aroma of the Honey & Licorice Root Cleansing Grains. It amazes me how much it smells like a lemon poppy seed muffin! It's delicious. My skin looks really bright in just two uses, pretty nice effect! The grains are amazing, really saw a nice refined texture right away without having to be aggressive with my exfoliation.

    — Liliana, Antioch, CA


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